Surface Potential Magnitude too Large


I’ve been running simulations to evaluate auroral charging, and using the environment parameters from ECSS-E-ST-10-04C-Rev.1 8.2.3 d), and I’ve had issues where the potentials on some of my surface groups are getting below -11kV (which to my understanding should not be possible). The simulation is done in eclipse (no photoemission)

I thought this may be due to having a validityRenormalisation>1 but I reduced it back to 1 and this still appears to be an issue. Is there anything else I should be looking at as a possible cause of this issue?

Hi Leo,

8.2.3. d exceptionally states the worst-case environments should be applied as 10 s. Checking this condition about the length of initializing the simulation time can be helpful. Under these LEO worst-case environment parameters, the satellite frame potential could converge around tens of kV’s under eclipse conditions.


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