Sun Distance Photoemission

Hi everyone!

I found an answer in the archive of the forum, but from 2009. So I want to be sure.
I have to integrate photo emission to my BepiColombo simulation. Bepi can be at a location such that 0.3 < r < 0.47 A.U. If I follow this message:

“Message by Jean-Francois Roussel:
Yes,the norm of the vector defining the sun direction is used for that.
Norm = 0.1 => sun flux 10 time smaller than at 1AU, etc.”

For r = 0.3 A.U, I should do “sunDirection = 9” because flux varying in 1/r². Is it correct?

I got an answer for this topic, the answer is more precisely

the norm √(sunx²+suny²+sunz²) = 9 for a distance = 0.33 A.U.

Thank you sebhess!