SPIS-IC progress bar issues

I’m using SPIS-IC for the very first time, even though I’ve been using SPIS several times for surface charging analysis.
My issue is that upon loading of a geometry, the progress bar pops up and does not close automatically after the operation has completed.
If I close the progress bar manually, any operation I do will make it show up again.
So I cannot proceed with my analysis.

Am I doing anything wrong?
Thanks in advance.

Hello Fabio,

We use SPIS 5.4.0 often without issue on linux 64b. What operating system are you using with SPIS-IC 5.4.0?

If I understand correctly, you have the problem when you load a .geo file in the geometry editor. Do you have better results if you skip the geometry editor to go directly to the mesh editor?



Hello Benjamin,
Thank you for your prompt reply.

I’m using SPIS-IC 5.4.0 on Win 10 22H2.

If I start the project skipping the Geometry Editor (having prepared both the geometry and mesh offline with GMesh) it works. So I can reach the Group Editor and the next sections.
I’ll check If I can also start the simulation.