SPIS: How to Model Electron Gun?


I am trying to model an electron gun on a spacecraft to charge debris and would like to know how much charge the debris will get. Could anyone tell me how to set up the model, group, and global parameters for the simulation?

Thank you.

Hi Mary, an interesting setup for sure! I am not very experienced with electron guns, but if you do not care for the about the mother spacecraft charging that much, and the distance between them is large, I would consider starting with separating the debris to it’s own simulation: I would add the electron gun as a supersonic electron population in the entire volume, scaling the density such that the flux of electrons to the “ram” side of the debris, seen from the electron gun, matches the theoretical flux of electrons to an uncharged target of the electron gun.

The mother spacecraft simulation can be run alone in its own simulation, with a source that matches your electron gun.

However, given your other forum post, I take it you’re running one giant simulation instead. It would be very interesting to hear of the result!

Hi Fredrik,

Do you know how to model a source on a spacecraft? I am working on a project similar to Mary. Thanks!