SPIS examples not found

Hi I downloaded AddtionalSpisProjectsSample.zip and open LEO-Cubesat-FullPIC.spis5 and I get an Mesh error, How can i fix this?

Hello rsc9421,

The message displayed is not a fatal error. It gives you information about the quality of your mesh. In your case, the quality is poor. If your simulation does not converge, the quality of the mesh may be the reason. But, even with a poor mesh quality, your simulation can work correctly.



Thanks Benjamin, I have changed some values of global parameters and the simulation does not converge. How can I increase the quality of the mesh? I’ve tried to increase the resolution of the mesh with gmsh but the quality is still bad


Hello, although SPIS is a bit picky when it comes to mesh quality evaluation, it is not without reasons. It is particularly true for full PIC simulations (given the quality of the mesh displayed it its not a surprise that your encounter difficulties. To improve the mesh quality, you should use the “optimize 3D” and “optimize 3D (netgen)” option un Gmsh. Using the Tool->statistics quality indices is also a good idea.
Anyway, I think we have to look at this sample files!