SPIS-EP 6.1 Thruster Shell

I’m trying to utilize the thruster shell in the new version of SPIS.
However the integrated total current doesn’t fit the discharge current.
In particular, after few iterations where the integrated current is almost twice the Id it rapidly tends to 0A.
I never had this kind of problem using the thruster shell in SPIS 6.0.5.
How can I solve this issue?


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hello,I don‘t know how to use hall thruster model. Can you give a instruction or a numerical example with the thruster.
Thank you!


We seem to have the same issue, @ruard or @sebhess have you tried using the thruster shell in 6.1?
This is a major issue for us as we use this instrument a lot.


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Hi all,

I have just tested the thruster shell and it seems to work correctly for me with SPIS 6.1 (tested in 3 different simulations with differents thrusters and geommetry).

I can give you some comments/warning on the use of these shells. TS have been developped to monitor the angular distribution on the flux of ions on on-ground experiments thus:

  • the current of electrons is not monitored (the current of droplet yes)
  • in case of more than one thruster, only one thruster is monitored (the last one in the list)
  • the results plot in the live monitoring are in log scale thus, if you read -5 on the y scale, it should be understood as 10^-5 A/m²

If you can give more informations on the specific issues of your simulation regarding TS use, I could be more precise in my answer.

Thaks for your feedbacks.


HI! Im having issues with the thruster shell, I´m trying to simulate the SPT-140 but looks like there is a bug, do you have any idea about this?

Thank you, Agustin