Simulated thruster plume

Dear partner
When I use SPIS to simulate the thruster plume, the system does not display an error, but the progress of my simulation is always 0. I don’t know what is wrong? The results are as follows:

Hello Tom,

First do not be over-stressed by the alarming “Mesh error” which is simply a measure of the mesh quality. It doe not prevent you from launching the simulation.

This being said, low mesh quality may lead to long, inaccurate or even crashed simulations. This is particularly true for EP simulations. To improve the mesh quality, you should use Gmsh to mesh your simulation and use the “Optimize” and “Optimize with netgen” option iteratively until your minimum mesh quality is above 0.2 (0.1 is the minimum for convergence, but without warranty on the result). The mesh quality in Gmsh can be checked with the 3 numbers at the bottom of the statistics window “Tool-> Statistics” (do not forget to click on update each time)