Set up a non-uniform thruster f(radius) distribution with SPIS 6.1.0

Hello everyone,

I want to define the f(radius) distribution of a Generic Thruster in SPIS 6.1.0.
“f(radius) = uniform” works fine but “f(radius) = cosine” prompts:

mesh defined thruster geometry not implemented yet at spis.bundles.electric_propulsion .Surf.SurfDistrib.ThrusterSurfDistrib.samplePosFromRadius(

in the Log console after launching the simulation.
Also when defining a distribution with a SeriesOfDouble array.

I have not checked if it works on previous SPIS versions. If someone has set up
successfully a f(radius) thruster distribution please share your experience.


Dear Zoe,
it will work if your precise the geometry of the thruster (“geometry” keyword in the population definition).
Please see SPIS v6.1 User Manual & Detailed design document, page 65, for th egeomtry definition.


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Dear Sébastien,
yes defining the geometry as defined on p. 65 in SPIS-6-DDD_2.3 solved this issue.
For future notice the working setup is the following: