Running SPIS remotely using Apple Macintosh

Dear all, forgive my lack of knowledge but I do not have a great deal of experience with this software. I’m trying to help one of our students run SPIS 6.1.0 remotely from a remote Linux machine using a local Apple Mac laptop.

She is using a MacBook Pro M1 2020 with 16GB RAM, running MacOS Monterey v 12.6 she is using Xquartz 2.8.2 xorg-server 1.20.14

She then uses ssh -Y command to log in to a Red Hat Enterprise Linux machine which has SPIS installed. Happy to provide the specifications of this machine if required.

When launching SPIS she gets the following errors see screen shots 1 and 2.

And when creating a mesh she just gets a blank output see screen shot 3
Screenshot 3

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

We have successfully tested this using a local Linux and Windows machine, just using a Mac produces these issues. Any h elp would be appreciated, thank you.