Potential bug in the particle detector tool of SPIS 6.1.0

Dear all,

I just realised I forgot to report a potential bug in the latest SPIS version. I am using the particle detector tool to trace particles, and found a potential bug in the latest version. I am using the ASCII output files to analyze the results (particularly the Velocity2DF-files), but in the latest version the information in these files look very strange. The velocity distribution is zero everywhere except in one plane (the vz = 0 plane, if I recall correctly). The outputs look correct otherwise when checking the particle trajectories etc., so SPIS seems to be doing the right thing. It just does not print the correct thing to the ASCII files. Running the same simulation in an older SPIS version works fine.


This bug should be corrected in the next release (this month)

Hello, I am experiencing similar problem, but with Angular2DF ASCII output, which is 0 all over. I am using Particle Detector on a physical sphere with the ‘Instrument support ID’. When I plot the energy slice (at predefined energy level) of the angular distribution function (netCDF format), it shows nicely the distribution. But when I load the full angular distribution (lon/lat/energy) it is zero. I am using the latest 6.1.2 version of SPIS. Could you please check the ASCII output also for the Angular2DF? Thank you. With the best wishes, David