Mesh software employed

Good Evening,
I am a new user of SPIS and I have encountered some issues:
Firstly, the program does not let me import diectly the .msh from Gmsh. Does anyone use a different meshing software that work 100%?
Secondly, working with the mesh of SPIS, I have founded the error in the picture below. Does anyone know a possible solution for this error?
Thank you very much.

Hello Yago,

I confirm SPIS is able to import Gmsh .msh mesh file directly in the mesh editor. Be careful, only version 2 ASCII Gmsh mesh files are supported.



Thank you very much Ruard,
I have been able to import the .msh file directly in the meh editor adding a command in the .geo file. Nevertheless, when I try to initialize the simulation, the following error pop up. Do you have any idea of the source of the error?
Thank you very much.image