How to change the Thruster Parameters


I have a few simple questions regarding SPIS electric thruster modelling:

I intend to model a commercial SPT100 thruster (different from the one available in the group editor) with its specific known parameters (power, Isp, current, and mass flow). My question is:

How can I change the thruster “main” parameters?

My idea was to use the sample SPT100_300V_2mg… and change its parameters so it displays the characteristics of the thruster that I want to model.

However, the only available parameters that can be changed are Mach number, Temperature, densification, Current and Mass flow rate for the neutral particles.

Could someone help me or guide me towards some literature that explains at least how SPIS calculates the power, Isp, current, and mass flow? I can see that the total current is the sum of each species and the same for the mass flow, but how can I change the mass flow of each species?

Moreover, the beam power of the thruster that SPIS calculates right before the simulation starts does not follow the conventional “Electrostatic Rocket Performance Equations” (I guess the problem comes from the mass flow of each species).

I would really appreciate your help.
Thank you in advance!

I have the same problem and really need to know how to change those values. Could anyone help? Thanks

Hi ! I am trying to do the same with electrodynamic tethers, any one used a thin wire geometry ?