Gmsh version compatibility

I am running Spis-Propulsion 6.0.4 on MAC OSX and want to run a later version of Gmsh. It appears that the third party dependency for 6.0.4 is Gmsh 2.8.5 which is too old. I downloaded Gmsh 4.8.0 and am able to run it independent of SPIS but I am having trouble getting it configured to run within SPIS. I modified the file to point to the new path of my later version of Gmsh but am getting an error when launching Gmsh inside SPIS with this change.

-Is SPIS-Propulsion 6.0.4 compatible with later versions of Gmsh?
-If yes, how do I properly configure SPIS to launch the new Gmsh version from inside the GUI?

SPIS in general and SPIS 6.0.4 only works with the embedded version of Gmsh (2.8.5).

If you want, you can use any version of Gmsh on your system and provides the files to SPIS.
But you need to ensure to save .geo and .msh in the “version 2” format for SPIS to be able to read them.

If you want to only use the Gmsh on your system, you can create the geometry inside Gmsh, mesh it inside Gmsh and save the mesh to the disk.

Then in SPIS, check the “skip geometry editor” option and inside the mesh editor, directly import the mesh obtained with the system’s Gmsh.

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Thank you very much for your response! With some effort, I was able to work with the older version of Gmsh that is part of the SPIS-propulsion release.