Error-messages when implementing measuring instruments & using FittableMaxwellianThruster


I am currently doing a SPIS validation simulation using the SPT100, and I am having some issues… I would like to measure the current density and the ion energy/temperature given a reference radius r as a function of angle (-90 to 90 degrees). I would also like to implement a curve-fitting thruster given experimental values from SPT100 thruster.

I have found that using the “thrustershell” plasma-instrument I can get the current density, but I am having some difficulties trying to measure the ion energy/temperature. I read in some other topics in this forum and in other dissertations that the SurfaceFluxDistFunctionPS could be a answer to measure the ion energy, or using a “monitor” class instrument such as “current density” or “Kinetic Energy monitor”. However, when using the any of the mentioned instruments, I get the error message that “cannot scale m2.s-2 to eV” or “cannot scale m2.s-1 to m2.s-2.ecu”. Regarding the FittableMaxwellianThruster, I experience a similar issue with the software showing “cannot scale A to kg.s-1”.

I leave the screenshot of the cmd SPIS window down below. I am using SPIS 6.0.4 win64 edition.

p1 p2

Anyone got an idea why this might be happening? My current thought could be that there is some scaling parameter that is not defined correctly for both the thruster and the instruments…

Thank you.

Hello again.

I have been going through the software now and done some problem-testing. I have found that the issue for the instrument problem appears when I am using one of the pre-defined sources of particles (SPT100 for an example). When doing a plasma simulation with existing plasma in the computational volume of other source, the measuring instruments works as intended, but sometimes produces the following error.

Hope this helps with my previous questions.