EP Thrust calculation not considering ion angle distribution

The issue is already reported in the GitLab under spis/dev/num-plugins#3 (https://code.spis.org/spis/dev/num-plugins/-/issues/3) but copied here for broader audience:

We are simulating an EP thruster plume and experience the following problem:
When an angle distribution is defined for the exiting ions, this distribution is not respected in the thrust calculation of SPIS. The displayed thrust-value results from assuming all ions to leave the thruster-exit in straight direction.
We propose to change this, to receive a proper thrust calculation from the SPIS output.
We are using the “[Circuit] avoid infinity in maxwellian didv” commit from 06 Apr, 2022


Dear Jens,
the EP popup is indeed there to give some estimates of the thruster characteristics with the sole purpose of checking the correctness of the setup. It was not meant to provide exact values.