Changing temporary folder


On my file system I don’t have a lot of disk space on /tmp so I would like to change the temporary folder that SPIS uses to another location.
Did anyone find a way to do that on a per computation basis? (creating a symlink of /tmp to somwhere else is not an option)

So far I’ve tried setting TMP, TEMP, TMPDIR environment variables in my shell or in, nothing seems to work.

Also tried creating a symlink with the same name as the temporary folder SPIS would create, SPIS just overrides the symlink to create a normal directory.


Hello Vincent,

You should be able to change the temporary folder easily from the SPIS preferences by changing the “application cache directory” to the wanted folder and restarting the application.

If you want to change the value for a SPIS without GUI, you can change the value manually in the resources/felix/ file by changing the value of the felix.cache.rootdir.

But if I understand correctly, you want to launch several SPIS and have each SPIS create it cache directory in a different location ? It is not possible currently to change the location for each simulation.
It is not possible for you to set a global directory for all SPIS, large enough to store all application cache folders ?

Thank you Arnaud, changing the worked, I put it in a place with more space and I will delete the folder created as the computation finishes.