Cannot scale m to m3

Hi everyone,

I am playing around with SPIS-DUST and everytime at t=100s (total simulation time is 1000s) the simulation stops while prompting the message:

Cannot scale m to m3 at spis.Util.Phys.Unit.getDoubleScalingFactorTo(

I use a simple geometry with a cube (5x5x5m) for the computational volume, one side of the cube is the moon surface and another small cube (1x1x1m) is the spacecraft.

I assigned the spacecraft to node 0 and the moon surface to node 1 with V 0 1 0.
For the moon surface I used conductive lunar dust material. I assigned an external boundary and a computational volume. The spacecraft is fully alumnium.

For the global parameters I used default setting SPIS-DUST_PS.

Does anyone has experience with SPIS dust and can give me a hint on what could be the source of the above error message?

Thank you,

Ok running the same simulation with an older SPIS version resolves the message.

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