[Archive] Xe+ electron interaction

Message by Gregorio Suino:
I’m trying to model a thruser-cathode system with SPIS 5.1.4.
The thruster emits Xe+ ions with a certain speed while the cathode emits electrons moving due to thermal velocity.
I have some questions about the ion-electron interactions:

  • is possible to simulate the interaction of electrons and Xe+ ions with SPIS?
  • is necessary to change the parameters of the section Interaction Volume to simulate this interaction?
Thanks for your help. Gregorio

Message by ruard:
Hi Gregorio,
Unfortunately, I have no tecnic answer to give you.
Besides, I am not sure about the quality of the SPIS v5.1.4. My advice is to use SPIS V 5.1.8 or 5.2.4 which are considered as more stable SPIS version.
Benjamin jeanty ruard