[Archive] Wish list for SpisUI

Message by Thiebault

Here is a list of features that would require an improvement in SpisUI :

  • When saving a project, if you click on the "cancel" button, it saves your project anyway...
  • When you load your project, even if you saved it before meshing your spacecraft (i.e. after the steps OpenCAD>LoadCAD>Prop>EditGroups), it crashes due to a problem in the execution of the "TaskLoadProj.py" script
  • When you do your simulation normally, and then try to relaunch the Global parameters editor, in order to modify some parameters, via the UI to Num button, it doesn't launch the window. You have to open it manually via the Solver menu
  • When you do 2 simulations after each other without relaunching the framework, the 2D plot menu "Curviline datafield" gives you the choice between two curves (whose names are, by the way, too long to be read completely and therefore differenciated). But whatever curve you choose, you always have the results of the last simulation... maybe an overwriting problem ?
That's all folks ! (for the moment) Benoit

Message by Thiebault

Another thing : this log window that deletes the history after a certain number of lines is not very practical… is there a solution ?

Message by julien:
At least this last point is solved with Jyconsole.