[Archive] weight of super-particles from different sources

Message by Mehmet Balta:
If 3 different particles(source1.1, source1.2, source1.3) are ejected from the same surface, (thruster is defined in one text file) are Weight of each super-particle from these 3 different sources same?

Message by Jean-Charles Mateo-Velez:
you can modify the weight by modifying the source1.1Flag I think. From 1 to 2 it will divide the weight by 2 and multiply the nb of super particles by 2.

Message by Mehmet Balta:
Hi, Thak you for responding. The question was should I arrange the source1.1Flag(densification) and timesteps in a way that other superparticles will have the same weight or it does not matter?

Message by Mehmet Balta:
I mean the weight of super particles belonging to source1.1, source1.2 and source1.3, those are expelled from the same surface. Do they need to have same weight? Even if we modify the weight manually, does SPIS correct them to have the same weight?