[Archive] warning message at end of log file

Message by EW:
I see the following error at the end of my log file:
“Saving SPIS project - null
! WARNING ! : ! org.keridwen.modelling.gmsh.osgi.BundleStarter-0 ! The dependency is not optional, however no service object can be injected in dispatcher -> org.keridwen.core.messaging.EventDispatcher”
Can you tell me what it means? The program seems to finish ok, so I can’t see any effects of it.

Message by ruard:
Can you give more details about this warning?
When does this log message happen? During, the launching of spis? During the simulation running? During another step?
benjamin jeanty ruard

Message by EW:
It looks like it is happening whenever I close Spis - so it is the last think that posts either in the log file or in the command window when the software closes.