[Archive] Warning low electron temperature

Message by Millan Diaz-Aguado:
I’m receiving this warning:
WARNING: GlobalMaxwellBoltzmannVolDistrib elec1 may be inaccurate due to a locally positive potential, of maximum 6.290945V (to be compared to temperature 1.0eV)
While I’m actually looking for 8eV, why would it have issues with 1eV? I guess it is hard to do a Maxwellian distribution around 1eV without getting cutoff at 0ev?

Message by Sébastien Hess:
Dear Millan,
SPIS GlobalMaxwellBoltzmannVolDistrib compute the density in volume such as they are proportional to the current. This is true for repulsive potentials, but not for attractive ones (because an accelerated Maxwellian is not a Maxwellian anymore). This is why you have this warning. It may or may not be a problem, depending on what you are looking at (if only currents and charge states then OK).