[Archive] Updating to the latest version of spis

Message by Richard Marchand:
A while ago, Julien explained how to update to the latest version of spis, so as to incorporate the latest changes for which we receive “commits”. Unfortunately, I didn’t have to use it for a while, I moved to a different centre, and I am now using a different computer. In short, I forgot how to update. Would anyone be kind enough to remind me how to do it, or point me to a document that explains it.
Thanks. Richard.

Message by Benoit Thiebault:
Hi Richard,
Here is (quickly) how LibreSource synchronizer works.

  • Fisrt, you should go to the synchroniser page where the code you are looking for is located
  • Then you see a list of all registered workspaces. If you see yours and if you are still on the same machine than when you created the workspace and if you didn't move or delete the directory, you just have to click the UPDATE link. Your web browser will then download a jnlp file which should automatically open with Java Web Start (Java has to be installed on your machine)
  • If you can't find your workspace or if you change your computer, the best option is to create a new workspace. Click on the link "Create local workspace" that is at the bottom of the page. Your browser will launch a jnlp file with Java Web Start.
  • Accept the certificate
  • Give your workspace a name (which is the name that will be displayed on the synchroniser page on SPIS web site)
  • Select the local directory where you want to download SPIS (if you download SPIS\_UI or SPIS\_NUM, name the directory accordingly)
  • enter you SPINE website password and click the "set" button
  • you can now refresh the web page and see that your workspace has been created
  • click on the update button to download last development version of SPIS (it may take a while)

Message by Richard Marchand:
Thanks. I followed your instructions and I downloaded many subdirectories and files on my machine. Now, it’s not clear what to do with these files. I assume that it didn’t affect the initial installation, which is in a separate directory. Incidentally, you mentioned that I should name the directory according to whether I downloaded SPIS_UI or SPIS_NUM. I admit that I didn’t know which of the two I was downloading, so I called the directory to which I downloaded DevelopmentUpdate. The question is then “How can I run the development version from the files that were downloaded?”.
Thanks. Richard.

Message by Benoit Thiebault:
If you downloaded the development version in a different directory, there is no risk of corruption of your other SPIS installations.
The first thing to know is what you have downloaded. At what address did you download SPIS ?
In the development version, there are at least three different things to download to make SPIS work :

You should name the directories as explained here \http://dev.spis.org/projects/spine/home/spis/software/workshops/coreWS/devArea i.e. :
  • the root directory can have whatever name you want
  • Spis NUM directory should be named SpisNum
  • Spis UI directory should be named SpisUI
  • The thirdpart should be named fine when you decompress the zip file
Once you have done all these steps, SPIS should work as in the packaged version. However, as it is a development version there might be bugs. Moreover, the launch scripts (runSpisXXX.sh or .bat) are maybe not up to date for every platform...