[Archive] Understanding conductive and non-conductive materials and the interactions

Message by Ignacio Rocca:
Hi all,
I am doing a simple simulation with OSR and Aluminium with a dielectric material between both and when I change the dielectric material to other like conductive material, the osr potential does not change, it is like every material has been simulated isolated in the simulation and does not interact every material with others. There are some parameter on the globals that allow to do this?
Thanks Ignacio

Message by abul anuar:
Have you check the group editor, assigning different type of node to different materials?

Message by Ignacio Rocca:
Dear Abul,
Yes I checked the groups editor and the different materials assigned. It is like every materials are independents over the simulation, i don’t understand very well the results, I can upload the project if someone wants to check.
Thanks for your help

Message by Matias Wartelski:
Hola Ignacio,
Have you turned on the Global parameters “surfaceConductivity” and “volumeConductivity” in the tab “Surface Interactions” in GlobalParameters?
Un abrazo

Message by Ignacio Rocca:
Dear Matias, thanks for your answer, yes I did that, but there is no change in the results! I am a bit confused, I will do some changes over the global parameters, but I still see that every node only interact with plasma. Thanks a lot