[Archive] Two 2-D elements in One Model - Materials

Message by Millan Diaz-Aguado:
I try adding two 2-D elements. Everything seems ok. Then I want to add the materials. I try to perform the “Advance 2-D mesh splitting” and it only does it for one of the 2-D elements. Then I try for the other 2-D element, and it all goes bad. We have many things showing up, deleted my properties already inserted, and now it is difficult to recognize what is a surface, a border, a duplicate, etc.

Message by ruard:
Unfortunately, there is a limitation in SPIS today. It is possible to use a 2-D thin panel only once in the group editor.
It is a limitation we hope to solve a day. We will add a comment on this subject in the SPIS user manual to avoid this kind of problems.
Thank you for your feedback.

Message by Sébastien Hess:
Update: Next SPIS release will allow you to have several 2-D elements, but you will have to define the splitted mesh in Gmsh.