[Archive] Trouble shooting during property reloading

Message by julien:
With some of my projects, the groups properly dores not seem to be saved properly.
For instance, if I create a new project and define the groups, and save the project. Next time I load the project I also need to load all of the default properties in order for the groups to be defined correctly. If I dont do this, when I look in the group editor, some of the properties are missing (e.g. electrical nodes, plasma), but when I load the default properties, they seem to appear again.
This appears on SPIS 3.7 RC3.

Message by julien:
Normally, this module was not changed between the previous and the new version. So normally, the behaviore for the groups and properties loading should not change.
Something you have a warning but this is not critical (just due by the fact that some groups have not properties of a given type, like electrical nodes for external boundaries).
However, I have observed that some time the loading mechanism may fail in the following cases:

  1. If you change of JVM and on some platforms, the python scripts used to store the data in the project are not re-processed and only the corresponding class file are loaded. These last ones may actually not correspond to the "last and correct version" of the relation-ship between properties and/or groups and be not correctly loaded.
    To avoid this problem, the best is to clean-up all $py.class files in the project and reload the project.
  2. The priority table (groupsPriorityList.py) has been corrupted. Please check it. This should list the Id of groups in the order of priority. A missing group or an extra group may indice an error in the property loading.
  3. Normally the second source of problem does not play during the loading phase, but during the field mapping phase and is dure to the fact that by default the mesh is not reloaded but re-built, calling the mesher.
If you do not use the same version of Gmsh, or if its settings have been changed (e.g mesh optimisation for another project) or if you change of platform, the new mesh may differ from the previous one and the correspance tables between saved field and/or groups settings may not be correct. To avoid this, you should select the check-box mesh, to load the previsouly saved mesh and deployed data on the right mesh. Best, Ju.

Message by wang ji:
Has SPIS 3.7 RC3 released? It is a good news.