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Message by Erik:

Dear Julien,
I’ve got some more questions, now about SpisNum (hope you won’t get exhausted ):

  1. If I understood it correctly in Kiruna, the simulation parameters should be set directly in the code, in LeoExample for example.
    I can’t find LeoExample.java nor GeoExample.java. So where should the simulation parameters be set?
    Are you planning to use an input file such as PicUp.ini in PicUp3D? From my point of view this is preferable.
  2. Where are the output files from the simulation saved?


Message by Roussel:

Please, Erik, stop harrassing Julien , I am the one in charge of NUM, he has enough to do with UI support!

The answers are:

  1. Simulation parameters

    • LeoExample.java or GeoExample.java can be found in the spis/Top/Simulation directory.
      This root directory “spis” for SPIS/NUM sources can either be found in /SpisNum/src/ directory of the release, or inflated from spis.jar located in SpisNum/build/Lib, which contains both the sources (*.java) and the binaries (*.class).
      Note that your modifications (binaries) must then be tarred back into this spis.jar file.
      For details on this procedure see the “NUM integration in framework.pdf” or “NUM integration in framework.html” files in the Doc/DocSpisNum/HOWTO directory (or also java documentation for jar usage)

    • Yes we’ll read global simulation control parameters from a file, and users will have the possibility to enter local parameters from the framework.
      It will be available for next SPINE meeting in June.

  2. For now, simulation results are not stored in files, this will be done soon, normally for June.
    (maybe some more informetion on UI side from Julien ?).

Don’t get discouraged, Erik, SPIS is still very young, and it is the principle of this community development to get feed back from your difficulties.
Thank you for your help !