[Archive] Spis x64

Message by abul anuar:
I’m running Spis under win 7 64 bit and as my simulations are getting bigger, i’m running out of memory. 1200MB does not seem enough.
So i upgraded the java version to 64bit version, and managed to allocated more heap memory to the software. However, the VTK module isn’t loaded properly since it is only available in 32bit. The simulation process looks fine, with no errors but at the end of the simulation, i cant get the result out to VTK. I have to save and load everything onto another copy of Spis which run the original 32bit java.
While i think the results will still be the same, and i am reluctant to move to linux, is there any plan for the team to try to build and 64-bit VTK from the source? it looks like a straight forward job for you guys…

Message by Roman Tikhomirov:
Hello everyone and Spis team! i have the same problem, cant analyse my calculated data on x64. Couse Cassandra cant start on it. Is there alternative tool for Spis output data visualisation on x64. it could be very useful. tanks!

Message by Christian Imhof:
Hi Roman,
if your problem is indeed only connected with the usa of the Casandra visualization tool, meaning that your vtk-files are generated correctly, I propose you to try Paraview for the visualization of the vtk-plots. It is a nice freeware tool and quite easy to use.
Kind regards