[Archive] SPIS warning

Message by Clucas Simon:
Can anyone suggest reasons for getting this particular error/warning.
advance: X particles out of Y eliminated because not in the right tetrahedron (to compare to Z injected particles)
I am getting it with some thruster sims, and I am thinking that the meshing in front of the thruster emitter may not be fine enough?

Message by David Parrott:
Hi Simon,
I encountered this message too, I’m not certain, but I think it was caused because the combination of mesh sizing, time resolution and particle energy resulted in a simulation in which some particles could zip through multiple cell boundaries in a single time step. I seem to remember something during the training last year about the importance of particles only crossing into neighbouring cells over a single time step.
In any case I found that with larger cells and/or shorter time steps the messages vanish. I hope that’s useful!
Best Regards,