[Archive] SPIS on Windows 8 Pro

Message by Stanislas Guillemant:
I was wondering if SPIS 5 was compatible on a Windows 8 pro system ? I am indeed about to acquire a new laptop for SPIS 5 simulations and I have the choice between several systems : Windows 7, 8 and of course any Linux OS.
Thank you,
Stanislas Guillemant.

Message by ruard:
Hi Stanislas,
SPIS 5 was compatible on Windows 7 32 and 64 bits. The software has not been tested with Windows 8, but it may be compatible but there is no warranty about this.
Moreover, if you want use the batch mode of SPIS 5, it is only available on Linux OS and no on Windows OS.
I hope these elements will help you to choose an appropriate OS for your usage,
Best regards,

Message by Stanislas Guillemant:
So, Windows 7 64 bits and dual boot with Linux, as usual :slight_smile:
Thanks !