[Archive] SPIS down-to-Earth?

Message by David Parrott:
Dear All,
I would like to know whether it is possible to use SPIS to simulate a ground test chamber environment. The chamber would have a steel wall, maintained at a potential of 0 V, ideally with some modelling of secondary electron emission.
So far the best idea I have come up with is to define the external boundary of the computational volume at the inner surface of the chamber, but this rules out any surface interactions. I also do not know how to maintain a fixed potential at the external boundary.
I have also tried deliberately making a hole in the chamber wall so that it can float as a complete entity in empty space, but of course the plasma leaks through the hole, and the potentials change!
I would be very grateful for any suggestions or advice.
Thanks and Best Regards,

Message by Benoit Thiebault:
Hi David,
You should have a look at this article : Ground Plasma Tank Modeling and Comparison to Measurements, Mateo-Velez, J.-C. Roussel, J.-F. Sarrail, D. Boulay, F. Inguimbert, V. Payan, D. ONERA, Toulouse
Maybe Jean-François or Jean-Charles can tell you more about it and how they have modelled the plasma tank.