[Archive] Spacecraft capacitance

Message by engwall

Hello all,
I have a question about the absolute spacecraft capacitance. Should this one be set to a realistic physical value (4*pi*epsilon_0*r) or can it be adjusted to minimize computational times?
I’m making some test simulations with spacecraft with floating potential to see at which value the final potential saturates. For the moment I’m not interested in the time evolution, but just in the final result.

Message by roussel:

You’re absolutely right Erik, if you’re not interested in realistic time evolutions you can consider the SC absolute capacitance as a convergence parameter. You can make it small for fast convergence or large for slower (and sometimes more stable) convergence. If I am right, the value defined by default in the last release (10e-11 F) is real small, which usually gives fast convergence but sometimes instabilities.