[Archive] sources Mach number and SourceType

Message by Gregorio Suino:
Hello to everyone,
i am simulating some ion and electron sources and i have some questions about settings.
i set ions mach number with this formula: v_i/sqrt(k*T_i/m_i).
v_i: ions velocity
T_i: ions temperature
m_i: ions mass
k: boltzmann constant
Is correct to set electron mach number as v_e/sqrt(k*T_e/m_e)?
v_e: electron velocity
T_e: electron temperature
m_e: electron mass
for ions set SourceType->MaxwellianThruster. what SourceType can I use for electron source?
Thank you.

Message by Felicien Filleul:
Hi Gregorio,
As of my understanding of how the sources are implemented I think your definitions of Mach numbers are correct.
For the type of sources available in SPIS by default you can have a look at the Particles sources on spacecraft section of the How to control NUM from UI in SPIS 5 manual.
Depending on what you aim to simulate you could very well use a Maxwellian thruster for the electrons as well.
On the section 5 of this thesis there are some details about two of the SPIS : sources \https://fenix.tecnico.ulisboa.pt/downloadFile/395142098179/dissertacao.pdf
However I could never find clear indications about how a LocalMaxwellSurfDistrib source is different from a Maxwellian thruster one.
Tell me if you happen to find info on that please.