[Archive] simulation control for long expositions

Message by Roman Tikhomirov:
Hello everyone!I try my spis calculations for different objects/SC at GEO environment. I want to calc a potentional of SC (and its units) exposited at GEO around 800-1000 seconds.
I have a problem with setting Global Paramets in Simulation control branch. Can sameone tell me what settings sould i use for that task to optimize the simulation procces.
Now i use that ones:
duration 1000
fixedDt 0
plasmaDt 0
plasmaDuration 0
plasmaSpeedUp 1e+4
simulationDt 0.001
but the calculation procces is too long, and i get my Spis calculation at the 10 sec only. Calc procces lasts around 3 hours.