[Archive] Should my group start using SPIS?

Message by Mario Merino:
Dear SPIS user group,
I am a new member to the SPINE community, and as such my knowledge of SPIS is still almost nonexistent. I find the SPIS software really interesting, and we are considering using it for our current research on EP plasma plumes.
I would like to ask for your advice on the decision of whether to start using SPIS, based on the current and future capabilities of SPIS and your own experience:
We are interested in researching the evolution in space of a plasma plume created with EP (e.g., an ion thruster), and we need to be able to tweak the source parameters and plasma profile. Our goal is to investigate the interaction of this plume with a far (~15m) solid body, placed inside the plume.
I would like to know the current capabilities of the SPIS software (and whether it would be easy to extend the code) to model plasma-surface interactions of this type (ions have ~1 keV, and hit the far body almost head-on): backscattering of neutralized ions, sputtering of material, thermal response of the surface, etc.
We are also interested in assessing the influence of a background magnetic field on the EP plume development. Could anyone tell me if this can be currently done with SPIS?
Thank you very much in advance. Best regards,

Message by Jean-Charles Mateo-Velez:
it is already possible to model plasma sources following with PIC methods in spis 4.3.1. Inputs sources can be defined as axisymmetric (1 or 2 axes), Maxwellian (with a Mach). Some effects of such a beam (possibly several species) on an object are modelled: sputtering, secondary electron emission (but no thermal response and backscattering of neutralized ions as of today).
In volume, the charge exchange reaction is avaialble too.
A constant and unifrm magnetic field can be used.
Jean-Charles Mateo-Velez