[Archive] Results visualization

Message by Alessandro Vicini:
If I run a simulation without defining an electric circuit, at the end I can visualize surface distributions of potential and so on.
But if I run the same simulation adding an electric circuit, at the end I don’t have this surface visualization oprions, I only see “average surface potential on nodes”.
Is this correct, or am I missing something? Thank you.

Message by Alessandro Vicini:
In other words: in the first case, at the end of the run I do “extract data and save project”, and in the panel on the left I have all the variables that I can visualize including surface and volume distributions.
In the second case, I do “extract data and save project” but nothing changes, in the panel on the left I still have the same options that I have during runtime, and I don’t have the “visualize” button.

Message by Sébastien Hess:
dear Alessandro,
if I understand correctly, at the end of the simulation, you either get the “data mining” panel (result visualization) or you stay in the simulation panel?
Is there any error message in the console?

Message by Alessandro Vicini:

Hullo Sebastien, no error messages, the simulation apparently runs correctly (last message in the console is “simulation is finished”).
I click on “extract data and save project”, I see the corresponding progress widget, but at the end nothing happens, I am still in the simulation panel and I do not have visualization options.

Message by Sébastien Hess:
Strange, in particular since at that stage there are no connection between what happens and the electrical circuit.
Did you try to click directly on the data mining icon on the left?

Message by Alessandro Vicini:

Yes, but the icon was not active.
Anyway, I worked around the problem by exiting SPIS, re-loading the case, and running it again. At that point I was able to visualize the results…