[Archive] Results and help docs for 3.1.01

Message by Aleksandra Chudnovskaya:
Hello. I can’t find all help documentation for SPIS 3.1.01. Online help doesn’t work.And I’ve done a simple simulation for 2 cubes, but I can’t understand, what results I should receive. There are some 2D plots. But what about 3D plots? Are there only pictures without any data? Is there anywhere a description of these plots? How can I read any results? And when I load 3d-viewer, I can’t get 2D plots anymore. Is it normal? Are the plots final result?
Thank You, Aleksandra.

Message by Benoit Thiebault:
You can use the documentation provided with the latest versions of SPIS, which should apply most of the time to earlier versions.
SPIS 3.1.01 Is not supported anymore and we advice you to use the latest version available.
There are complete course materials available here (see SPIS_Course_Part1_V1.pdf and SPIS_Course_Part2_V2.pdf).
You should find relevant information there.

Message by Aleksandra Chudnovskaya:
Thank You!
I have too many problems with the latest versions, so I have to use 3.1.01 version. I have studied the documentation, but I haven’t found how to interpret the results. Where can I find the description or the example, showing how I can understand my results?
Thank you, Aleksandra.

Message by Benoit Thiebault:

Slide 20 of SPIS_Course_Part1_V1.pdf explains basic usage of 3D postprocessing tools. You can use paraview as well. A user manual is available on their website.