[Archive] Restart options

Message by Alessandro Vicini:
At the end of a simulation, the run can be paused, the total duration may be increased, and the run can be re-started.
My question is: is it possible to re-start the simulation after changing one of the global parameters? For example I might change one of the parameters in the electrical circuit definition, and start from the previous solution which should already be close the the final one… Is this possible?

Message by Sébastien Hess:
Dear Alessandro,
It is not possible to change any global parameters in the course of the simulation, even when the simulation is paused at the end.
It is even less possible to re-start a simulation from the results of another.
Such a feature has been asked for for a long time (even by the developers themselves), but it is technically very complex and it won’t happen in a near future.
Nonetheless, we hope to offer the possibility of changing some global parameters in the course of the simulation in the future version of SPIS. But this will not include the circuit.

Message by Alessandro Vicini:
Thank you Sebastien.
Actually, at present I am trying to use the Solar Array Interactor model, but I can’t get any solution so far because the code becomes very unstable.
I was guessing that I might start with a very low value of the ratio of interconnects/panel surface (in the Interactor1_SolarArrayDescriptor.txt input file), and then gradually increase it during the run.
But from what you say this is not possible, right…?