[Archive] relativistic PIC?

Message by charles quarra:
Regarding the particle movers in PIC, do they support relativistic leapfrog Boris schemes?
I want to model a probe flying a varying relativistic velocities, in other handcrafted (non-PIC) codes I’ve resorted to boost the plasma population velocities to -Vs, where Vs is some ship velocity relative to the center-of-momentum of the plasma cloud. Is there an example showing how to customize the injection of plasma particles into the simulation?

Message by Jean-Charles Mateo-Velez:
Hi,particles movement is solved analytically in each tetrahedron. In some cases, SPIS uses a Cash-Karp Runge Kutta or a dichotomy method to compute the intersections with tetra (in case of B field for instance).
The probe velocity can be given to spacecraft with ScVeloX,Y,Z parameters (and plasma injection is automatically computed).