[Archive] Question regarding particle property for H2O+?

Message by Burak Korkut:
Dear All,
We were inspecting the particle and material properties within the source code for SPIS (Version 5.2.4) and just stumbled upon the below assignment for H2O at Line 41 of ‘SpisNUM/src/main/java/spis/Top/Default/SpisDefaultPartTypes.java’.
static public Part water = new Part(“H2O+”, 18.0f, 1.0f, 8.f)
// what Z for a molecule? total or that of O?
Is there a reason why the last parameter is 8 instead of 10? If this represents the atomic number for the molecule, should it not be 10 (=8+2*1)?
This is just a minor thing but we wanted to share with the community in case it is a typo.
Best Regards,

Message by Sébastien Hess:
Dear Burak,
It is probably a typo. The Z number is only used for erosion, so it may also relate to an effective Z for this purpose (although I doubt of it).
Thanks for alerting us on this issue.
Actually, SPIS5.2.4 introduced a chemical formula parser, so that hard coded species will soon disappear (exception for some exception like photons and electrons).
I check, in the case of the formula parser the Z is computed as you suggest.
Best Regards,