[Archive] question about iniPot

Message by Yubo Feng:
Hello to the community,
This is the situation:
In my project there is a node2 with nonconductive coating.
When I set initPotFlag=1 and iniPot=-2V, the “V on top of node2” will start from -2V, but the “V on node2 ground” still start from 0V.
How can I make “V on node2 ground” start from -2V?

Message by Yubo Feng:
the circuit is:
V 0 1 0
R 0 2 1.e9
C 0 2 2.e-11

Message by Jean-Charles Mateo-Velez:
if you set :

  • initPotFlag=1
  • iniPot=-2.0V
then all your nodes should be at -2.0V