[Archive] Quasi-neutral plume in vacuum

Message by Nuno Loureiro:
Hello everyone,
Is it possible to model a plume of ions in a vacuum environment but implementing a Boltzmann distribution for electrons so that the plume is assumed as a quasi-neutral plasma?
I have been doing this with an environment of electrons (introducing a population of electrons with the UnlimitedMaxwellBoltzmannVolDistrib) and the electron’s density actually adapts to the ion’s density, but I was wondering if this simulation could be performed in vacuum environment.
best regards,

Message by Jean-Francois Roussel:
Hi Nuno,
exact neutrality is not implemented.
Effectively the right way to do it is through UnlimitedMaxwellBoltzmannVolDistrib (in principle it is simply superior, so no real need for neutrality was expressed)