[Archive] Positive and negative potential

Message by Sanat Tiwari:
Dear members,I have a query !!
How to decide whether or not the spacecraft is at positive or negative potential at
the start of simulation. The section 6.2.2 of user manual gives some quick start hints for particle distribution based on this condition.
What if I am using no initial potential on spacecraft.

Message by Benoit Thiebault:
It depends on your physics…
If you have a spacecraft with no secondary or photo-emission, its potential should end-up negative. So to have a simulation that converges more quickly, you should set a negative potential.
In other cases (photo-emission for instance), the potential might end-up positive and you should set a positive potential to accelerate the simulation convergence.
If you really have no idea what the potential is going to be, you can set it to zero and let SPIS compute it by itself.

Message by Sanat Tiwari:
Thanks for help Dr. Benoit Thiebault.