[Archive] Plotting trajectories for LP/particle detector

Message by Fredrik Johansson:
Hello all.
I’ve read through all of the manuals, and I can’t find a guide to plot trajectories during a LP sweep.
Is there some flags I must set before I even ask the LP to plot trajectories? e.g. photoelectrons.
in “controlling spis from num” I find the very unhelpful phrase
“electronTrajFlag1 Plot ambient electron (1st population) trajectory? 0=no, 1=yes.
NB: extra trajectory parameters must be defined”
but the link in the phrase is broken, and there’s no further mention of it anywhere.

Do I first have to ask SPIS to plot trajectories in global parameters (and set all the flags) before i can ask SPIS to plot them for an LP?
Kind regards,
Fredrik Johansson