[Archive] Plotting tools

Message by Sanat Tiwari:
Hello SPIS users,
Is there any possibility to plot SPIS netcdf files on other plotting platforms like
gnuplut, matplotlib, matlab, etc…

Message by Benoit Thiebault:
SPIS NetCDF files are standard NetCDF files. The naming convention is however specific to SPIS.
Tools like ncview should be able to read them as far as you can tell him what variables represent.
Otherwise, in the data miner, you can export data in ASCII files (that can be read with gnuplot or Excel) or VTK files.
Kind regards

Message by ruard:
Hi Sanat Tiwari,
Artenum is currently preparing the spis 5 official release which should be available in next days. In this release, it will be possible to import data field defined with the NetCDF files during the data mining step.

Message by Sanat Tiwari:
Dear Benjamin and Benoit,
Thanks for information.I am presently using “Spis-5.1.0-RC-linux64b.zip” and using associated documentation.
Is there any next release is awaited !!
I exported data as Benoit suggested, but it is only in vtk format.It will be great to get data exported in ASCII/netcdf formats in such a way that we can use other general plotting tools to makeplots in customized manner.
I tried with present data set in netcdf format too… but like for a surface potential plot… it is providing values only on nodes/edges etc…
as 1D array… node locations are defined in some other netcdf file. I am working on MATLAB/OCTAVE routine development to get plots my way.
I hope a better documentation will help the users like us who started SPIS without any support.
Best regards,