[Archive] Plot trajectories

Message by Guillaume Tcherniatinsky:
Hello everybody,
I have been looking everywhere in directories “DatafieldExtracted” and “DatafieldMonitored” but I can’t find where trajectory plots go when we activate particleTrajectoryNb = 20 and ionTrajFlag1=1. When I click on “trajectories” in the Data Mining part it says “Select at least 1 viewable mode”.
Does someone know where I can find the plot?
Thank you,

Message by Jean-Charles Mateo-Velez:
sounds weird. have you clicked on one or two trajectories on the Data Miner > Trajectories -> select traj > vizualize ?

Message by Téo Bloch:
Did you find an answer to your problem?
I’m facing the same issue at the moment, would love advice if you fixed it.