[Archive] plasma vol dimension and meshing step

Message by giovanni galgani:
I’m tring to perform analysis in LEO. I’d like to have some clarification about:

  1. how much the boundary surface of the plasma must be larger then the satellite inside it?2) satellite and plasma mehing step: how to set it properly? the automatic procedure is ok, or it’s better to improve it to get a more accuarte result?

Message by Benoit Thiebault:
Hi Giovanni,

  1. It depends on your physics! It’s better if your volume can contain the whole sheath around the spacecraft, so really, it depends on the Debye length, the plasma (or spacecraft) drift velocity, the spacecraft potential, etc.
  2. If you want a better meshing, you can mesh directly with Gmsh, seeting the meshing parameters in Gmsh. Then, back in SPIS, you can skip the Geometry Editor and directly import your mesh from the .msh file that you manually generated.
    Kind regards