[Archive] Physical Group-2

Message by abul anuar:
Hi, i have one question on the physical group. After doing the cad using GMSH and declaring the physical group, we need to load the cad into the workspace (set as main, load geom). when we do that, does the physical group properties also being upload? when i load the cad, i cannot see the physical group in either geom>show geo group or in group>edit group. Did i miss anything in the loading process? can someone help me on this?

Message by Roman Tikhomirov:
hi ! sametimes i have the same problem i cant find the reason why:(

Message by julien:
This is is due to my synchronism between the physicals defined in you CAD model and the list of groups saved in the projet (for instance empty and saved during a previous setting). This is a known bug of SPIS-Legacy (i.e version up to 4.3.x).
The simplest way to solve this is :

  1. Save your work
  2. Quit the framework
  3. Re-start the framework and reload the projet but WITHOUT the groups. You do this just by de-selecting the "Groups" check box in the project manager panel.
  4. Load your CAD in memory.
  5. Call the groups editor. The updated list should appear.
Unfortunately, you will lost your groups setting with this method. Such problems should be solver in the next version of SPIS (5.xx). Best, Julien.