[Archive] particle speed

Message by Gregorio Suino:
I am performing some simulations with ion and electron sources,
is it possible to obtain particle speed as an output of the simulation?
it would very useful to understanding the physics of the phenomenon.
Thank you.

Message by Sébastien Hess:
Hi Gregorio,
if you are using the version 5.2, it is possible to put the (Integer) global parameter “momentsMonitoringFlag” to 1 which enables having the averaged particle velocity, temerature and kinetic energy in each cells.
You could also use the Volume distribution intrument to get the distribution function at some location.
Currently, there are no way to get the individual particle velocities.

Message by Gregorio Suino:
I searched in the download section where it is written that the latest stable version is 5.1.8.
Where do you download version 5.2? Is it stable?
thank you

Message by ruard:
Dear Gregorio,
The SPIS version 5.2.4 is available on the following link:
This version should be available very soon on the main download web page. Moreover, the validation has been performed and should also be available in the main download web page.
Benjamin Jeanty-Ruard

Message by Gregorio Suino:
thank you so much
Then I’ll download it and start using it.