[Archive] parallelization

Message by EW:
Can you explain how the code is parallelized or point me to some documentation that describes it?

Message by Jean-Charles Mateo-Velez:
PIC populations are pushed in parallel thread with the global parameters called pusherThreadNb.

Message by EW:
Thank you. I have done the development (mesh, groups, properties) on my Windows computer. Now I would like to run the simulation on Linux. Is possible for me to simply transfer my project files to the Linus computer and run it? If this is possible, what SPIS application files need to be installed on the Linux computer in order to run the simulation since the development of the project files is already done?

Message by ruard:
Dear EW,
If you set a SPIS 5 project on windows platform, normally you can run it on linux OS.
First, download the SPIS version linux 64 bits on the spine web site (\http://dev.spis.org/projects/spine/home/spisgeo/nightly/Spis-5_1_8-linux64b_zip_0)
Then you have several possibilities to run your SPIS 5 project.
a) Run SPIS in batch mode with the following command line. Be careful, you project must be set until the simulation step, i.e. you have to set at least the mesh, the group properties, the electrical circuit and the global parameters.
./Spis.sh -p path/to/project.spis5
b) Run SPIS with the user interface and run your SPIS 5 project:

  • launch SPIS with the following command line:
  • open your SPIS project with the button called "open an existing project"
  • launch your simulation with the button called "Launch simulation" in the step called "Simulation running and monitoring"
Regards, Benjamin